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Holi can be more Holy with Natural Holi Colors

Know how Holi can be more Holy with Natural Holi Colors

Nature has made humans, and humans have made traditions and celebrations with a glimpse of nature’s touch. Holi is one of the most awaited celebrations in India and now in other parts of the world. But, the dignity of this natural festival has been affected by the interference of chemical colours in it. These chemical colours have affected the significance of natural Gulal Holi colors to a great extent.

 Do you know the reason behind this? It is the cost-comfort we always look for in everything. The chemical Gulal Color is way cheaper than Herbal Gulal due to its cheap quality chemical contents. Chemical Gulal is gaining momentum in the market because people prefer it due to their restricted mindset. They think buying a Natural Gulal Colour is a waste of money because it costs a bit higher than a chemical Holi color.


Know the hidden pains and distresses behind Chemical Gulal Colour

Chemical Gulal Colour is easily available at cheaper prices but you're not aware of the pain it can give you and your family. The chemicals in it can affect the skin and hair with many allergies and reactions. Some of the chemicals mixed in Holi color and their reactions are mentioned below-

 Prussian Blue Contact Dermatitis
Copper Sulphate Temporary Blindness,Puffiness, Eye Allergy
Mercury Sulphide  May cause skin cancer
Aluminum Bromide                                   Carcinogenic

 These are some of the chemicals that can cause different allergies and reactions, and may even be the reason for some diseases. No one from us even thought of such things while buying chemical Gulal Holi Colors because we only see their vibrance and variety of shades. We don’t know how devastating they can be for our skin and hair.

 Choose Natural Holi Colors over chemical Gulal Holi Colors to make it naturally ours

Do you know that applying a natural Holi color on the skin has several health benefits? These Natural Gulal colours are made of natural ingredients like herbs, spices, and flowers having antifungal and antibacterial properties. Organic colours promote serenity for the environment because they are made of food-based colors, spinach, neem, beet, rose, marigold, turmeric, maize etc. 

 How to make natural Gulal at home?

You can make Yellow natural Gulal powder at home by mixing Turmeric and Gram Flour in a ratio of 2:1. Thoroughly rub the mixture between your palms to mix the mixture evenly. Get a fine texture by sieving the mixture 2 to 3 times using a strainer.

 Do you know how Natural Colors affect the BRAIN?

Yellow, Blue, and Red are majorly three colours that can affect your brain. Yellow brings happiness & feelings, Blue calms the emotions, and Red makes your emotions stronger. It is often compared in the minds of different people during sunlight. It can be harmful to the people in your surroundings if you are using Chemical Gulal rather than Natural Gulal Holi Colors.

 Therefore, it is always better for you to play Holi with Herbal Gulal rather than throwing chemical colours at each other.

 Which are the other countries celebrating Holi with the same ardency?

There are so many people, especially students who miss their Holi due to living in different countries. This is why the governing authorities of those countries have found a colorful solution. They organize  a  colorful event where students enjoy themselves with their friends. This kind of colorful event is organized in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the USA etc

 It shows the depth of the roots of Indian culture, tradition, and colorful festivities globally. It is not just a matter of a Natural Holi Color but a message of removing all the disparities and considering everyone the same through colors.

 Use Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal and be the mascot for people to use Herbal Gulal

It is easy to give a meaningful message, but it is always tough to follow that path. But, you can change this thought by setting an example and following that path yourself. Use Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal and inspire many other souls to use that Gulal as well.

 You can tell people about the good qualities of this Holi Color as it has natural extracts of Marigold, Tesu Flowers, and Turmeric. Their skin and hair will stay safe because it is non-toxic and skin-friendly. It is free of harmful ingredients which makes it an eco-friendly Gulal.

 Holi is not merely about throwing Gulal at each other but also removing all the disparities and embracing everyone without considering their caste, colour, or religion. Let’s make this Holi more special by celebrating it with Natural Gulal Colour. Every Holi Color is special when it is put on each other with a true feeling of togetherness.

 Celebrate this Holi with a Gulal that is not just a colour but a feeling of love, integrity, and tenderness.

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