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Vegetal Lustrous Natural Holi Colours Herbal Gulal (Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue)

Vegetal Lustrous Natural Holi Colours Herbal Gulal (Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue)

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Herbal Gulal offered by us is tested on diverse parameters by our technical In-House R&D team of skilled professionals. Our Gulal is a pure natural extraction of leaves, fruits and barks with a unique blend of flowers and herbs which make the product non-toxic, eco-friendly and perfectly suit your skin for the colors of festivities while adding alluring aroma in the mood. Lustrous Herbal Gulal is easy to clean and washed away with water and its pure natural ingredients make the product environment friendly during the celebration. 
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  • Is Herbal Gulal safe?

    Some people may have thoughts about whether the herbal gulal is safe for them or not. The word ‘herbal’ is indeed used to misguide people in their buying preferences. These kinds of products may carry some harmful ingredients. These ingredients may affect the skin, hair, eyes, and cause breathing issues. You can go for the 100% natural Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal that is made from natural ingredients only. Rest assured, it is 100% safe to use on all skin types.

  • Celebrate chemical-free Holi

    It is the time to reignite the eternal joy by going back to the roots and restrict the intervention of chemicals in Holi. Let's make this Holi celebration pious and joyful like the innocent smile of an infant. Organic Gulal and Herbal Holi Colour can make the Holi more entertaining and memorable. You can enjoy a chemical-free Holi by choosing the Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal.

  •  Significance of colors in Holi?

    Holi and colors have an identical connection just like spirit and body. In ancient times, the Holi was played with the Organic Holi color made from different natural ingredients like Tesu, Neem, Turmeric etc. The playful throwing and pouring of colors made from such natural ingredients had a healing effect on the human body. But as time passed away, the traditional forms and ingredients of making Holi Color were overshadowed by the chemical colors. A Holi Color Powder with chemicals can be so harmful to your skin, hair and overall health.

Natural & Herbal Gulal Powder

Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal, being skin-friendly, help in adding colours to your Holi celebrations without causing any harm. You can enjoy a safe Holi and add the vibrance of these colours in your celebrations with the help of these herbal Holi colours. Made using herbal ingredients, these colours are non-toxic, safe and are easy to wash off.


Is this product made in india?

Yes, It is Made in India.

Are these colours not artificial ??

Yes, it is Non Toxic Skin friendly herbal Gulal without artificial fragrance.

Can I mix this with water?

No, its herbal Gulal not water color.

Is it skin friendly?

it is 100% safe to use on all skin types.