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AMAzing EARTH Pre-Shave Oil - Certified Organic Shave Oil

AMAzing EARTH Pre-Shave Oil - Certified Organic Shave Oil

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Pre-Shave Oil is formulated with organic ingredients to tackle the problems of rough stubble, dryness after shaving and cuts or burns due to razor.

Key Features:

  • Softens the skin and hair for a smooth shave
  • Protects the skin against razor cuts and burns
  • Reduces dryness and moisturizes the skin
  • ORGANIC Certified by Ecocert Greenlife
  •  Anti-bacterial and antiseptic in nature
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AMAzing EARTH Pre-Shave Oil

Isn't it amazing when you get your beard hair ready for smooth shaving and protecting the sun underneath from burns or cuts? Of course, it is. And the joy becomes double when you get these benefits without the touch of any chemicals. Use AMAzing EARTH Pre-Shave Oil which is antiseptic & antibacterial and made from ECOCERT-certified organic ingredients like Apricot Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil etc


    It has a unique blend of ECOCERT-certified organic ingredients that make stubble softer and smoother for a pain-free shaving experience. It also protects the skin from cuts and burns.


    Clean your face properly before shaving |
    Apply the pre-shave oil on the damp face throughout the stubble covering the neck | Proceed to Shave Foaming


    People with rough and hard stubble may apply it to have a smooth shave without cuts or burns.


Is it really helpful in making stubble smoother?

Yes, it has a unique blend of ECOCERT-certified organic ingredients that are blended to make the stubble smoother for having a nice shave

Can I use it daily?

Your beard hair won't get that big if you shave daily. Still, you can apply it to your shaving region to protect it from cuts or burns.

Does it carry any chemicals?

No, it is free from any kind of harmful chemicals.

Does this product have any artificial fragrances or preservatives?

No, it is natural and free from artificial fragrances or preservatives