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Vegetal 10-in-1 Complete Care Shampoo 200ml

Vegetal 10-in-1 Complete Care Shampoo 200ml

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A blend of certified organic extracts of Bhringraj, Heena, Methi, Shikakai, and Golden Jojoba Oil, Vegetal 10-in-1 Complete Care Shampoo is  EcoCert Greenlife certified organic shampoo, which is powered with the multi-action formula to nourish your hair naturally. Here are the 10 action areas that it focuses on:
• Frizz Control
• Prevents Damages
• Shine Silky Softness to Hair
• Binds Split ends
• Anti Bacterial
• Antifungal
• Control Hair Fall
• Natural Conditioning to Hair
• Promotes Hair Growth
• Moisture the Hair


• Bhringraj

• Heena

• Methi

• Shikakai

• Golden Jojoba Oil


“Why should I go for Brand Vegetal India?”

True cleansing is impeccably internal. We still can’t do much internal cleansing by ourselves, even though we are the sole owner of our bodies. So we rely on the external art of cleansing which enters our body and cleans our tissues, and other vital organs. Here the ancient art of Ayurveda appears as a boon. Our products have a unique
combination of Technology and Ayurveda that deliver – True beauty. Our products are never being tested on animals at any stage of production thus we never promote animal cruelty, just
to test any product.
The exclusive range of 100% Natural Vegetal India products delivers authenticity and amazing quality and the inherent belief.

We pick the most useful ingredients from the peerless treasure of Nature and Ayurveda and combine them with organic essential oils and herbal extracts to nourish & flourish your skin and body.


How we made it ?
We rely on Nature's ecstasy for our products. That’s why we use Bio-Active Extracts rather than raw extracts of herbs. This makes our product concentrate naturally more productive. Our result-oriented process and belief in Bio-Active Extracts help us achieve the solution sustainably. As they are 100% natural, the extracts are 100% safe and effective for specific skin concerns and deliver evident results.

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The Vegetal 10-in-1 Complete Care Shampoo provides complete care and nourishment to your hair and scalp by protecting them from damages, split ends, frizz, hair fall etc. It is made from ECOCERT-certified organic ingredients like Shikakai, Bhringraj, Golden Jojoba Oil, Methi etc. It is free from toxic chemicals like Silicon, Paraben, and Sulphates. These chemicals are used in many other shampoos to enhance their shelf-life and foster the foam formation. They may damage your scalp and hair along with your overall health.


    The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Vegetal 10-in-1 Complete Care Shampoo make the hair stronger, longer, and shinier naturally.


    Take an adequate quantity of shampoo on your palm | Apply it gently on your wet hair | Thoroughly wash your hair with normal water


    It is a unisex product, ideal for making hair longer, and stronger with an impeccable shine.


Will this shampoo restrict hair fall?

Yes, it will. The natural qualities of Bhringraj and Shikakai remove dandruff and lice from hair.

Is it able to control premature greying of hair?

Yes, it does. The Fenugreek Seeds prevent premature hair greying and scalp inflammation.

Will my hair become thicker by using this shampoo?

Yes, your hair will become thicker and stronger with the goodness of the Golden Jojoba Oil.

Is the Vegetal 10-in-1 Shampoo safe for my scalp and hair?

Yes, it is. It is safe to use on all kinds of scalp and the amazing qualities of its natural ingredients free the hair from dandruff, itching, scalp inflammation etc.

Will my hair get a silky and shiny look after using this shampoo?

Yes, your hair will look flawless with a stunning shine and silky feel.